The Company IFLY AVIATION SERVICES S.A. provides the content of this network place under the following terms and conditions. We can change the terms periodically so please check the contents at intervals. With access and utilisation of this network place you agree with these terms. For further explanation regarding the minutes and the policy related to the gathering, usage and saving of our user’s personal data please read our confidential policy.


You commit explicitly that you have read and agreed with the content and the terms of use of IFLY’s (https://www.ifly.gr) network place. Moreover: a) that you comply with the rules of the Greek and international Law and specifically with the telecommunication regulations and b) you abstain from any action that is illegal and opposes the moral ethics of IFLY’s network place.


In the event of any violation against these terms, IFLY’s network place maintains the right to abolish the attribute of membership. With regard to the services IFLY offers at the present network place, the members undertake to respect all the Greek and International regulations, as well as to observe the rules of politeness, discretion and decent behaviour. IFLY’s network motion is being recorded and analyzed, in order to provide completeness of information and improvement of services.


IFLY prohibits the utilisation of its network place (to registered and non members) for illicit enterprise practices including those that are shaped within the Internet society, for example spam practices or whatever contravenes NETIQUETTE (internet user’s behaviour code). IFLY prohibits partial or total exploitation of its network place. Any individual or legal person is prohibited from using information to fabricate databases, as well as to storage them with the aim of getting access to it.


The utilisation of IFLY’s network place does not entail the provision and the conveyance of rights or a usage authorisation of goods and services. Excluded is the limited right to use its services in accordance with the present terms and conditions. In the event of downloading contents of the present network place, IFLY grants such a right only for strict personal use and does not concede any other right, unless explicitly mentioned.


IFLY makes important efforts so as to provide precise and complete information at its network place. However, IFLY is not committed as far as precision, time proximity and plenitude of published contents are concerned. Accordingly IFLY does not bear any liability. The utilisation of IFLY’s network place is your responsibility, accepting that the information and services are offered as such, without having IFLY indirectly or explicitly declaring any guarantee. When acquiring access in any part of IFLY’s network place, you agree that you will not redistribute any information included in its web pages. As far as other companies are concerned, IFLY cannot be regarded liable for any damage, or cost that will be caused by the utilisation of its services to which you acquired access through its network place.


Apart from the expressly mentioned exclusions (intellectual rights of third parties, partners and institutions) all IFLY’s contents, including all the images, graphs, photographs, drawings and texts of the offered services and in general all the files of this network place, constitute intellectual property, submitted trademarks and service trademarks of IFLY, protected by the relevant Greek and International regulations, as well as by the International contracts and treaties. Consequently none of them can be partly or wholly object of sale, copy, modification, reproduction, republishing or by any means being loaded, transmitted or distributed. On condition that the sign ifly.gr will not be deleted, IFLY allows the case of a separate copy of partial contents to a simple personal computer only for personal reasons and not for public or commercial use. This must be carried out without affecting the related rights of intellectual and industrial property. The remain goods or services mentioned at the websites of the present hub, bearing the marks of the respective organisations, companies, co-operators, unions or publishers, belong to their own intellectual and industrial property which means that they are liable for it. The user/member comprehends and agrees that he is not eligible to reproduce, copy, sale, after sale IFLY’s contents. Moreover it is prohibited to take either a commercial (partial or total) or any other advantage of FLY’s contents.


IFLY does not control the availability, the contents, the policy of personal information protection and the service quality of other network places and websites to which it refers to via ‘relations’ hyperlinks or advertising banners. Consequently, for any problem that may arise during their visit or use, the user must directly address the respective websites that bear the full liability for the provision of their services. Under no circumstances should it be regarded that IFLY is by any means related, embraces or accepts the contents or the services of those network places and websites to which it refers or that IFLY is in any other way connected with them.


The present terms of use of IFLY’s network place (https://www.ifly.gr) are governed by the Greek Law, by the European Union’s legal regulations effective in it, and by the international treaties. These are interpreted according to bona fides rules, to the business ethics and to the social and economic scope of the right. In case in which a term or the anticipation of the above mentioned terms of use is considered invalid or annulled this invalidity or nullification will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining terms. The contracting parties, in accordance with the aforementioned authorities will make every possible effort so as to replace the invalid or annulled terms with others which approximate as much as possible their content. Every disagreement that arises among the contracting parties with regard to the interpretation or implementation of the terms and conditions of use of IFLY’s network place will be settled by the Courts of Law.