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The ifly Experience

ifly is more than just a flight. From the moment you step aboard, we transform your journey from routine to memorable luxury. By meeting your unique needs and exceeding your high expectations, we curate the most extraordinary travel experience. Elevate your every moment in the sky with ifly. With our dedication not only to safety but also to quality, we provide you with an amazing experience, flying in total comfort to your desired destination.


These are what defines us.


Creating a remarkable customer experience begins with dedicating ourselves to the words we speak and the relationships we build. Achieving the highest level of safety, honesty, reliability and trustworthiness are the essence and foundation of our organization’s identity.


We achieve more when we collaborate and work together. Our culture of Teamwork of combined experience, expertise and multiple strength is at the heart of our thinking, planning and decision making.


A true passion private aviation is at the heart of our organization. It’s this passion that guides our pilots and ground crew to deliver the most premium experience to our passengers. It’s this passion that helps us grow and evolve to provide high-class services and create experiences that would contribute to a better industry. We are driven by the desire to delight our customers and only by reaching this goal we can we be fully satisfied with our work.


Professionalism by consistently achieving to provide services up to the highest standard in exceeding our customer’s expectations and striving to find ways to continuously improve .

Our mission is to provide you with the most exclusive aviation services designed to enhance your travel experience


Our mission is to provide you with the most exclusive aviation services designed to enhance your travel experience. To deliver the safest and most efficient business aviation flight.


Here is what makes us different

ifly has been granted the Air Operator Certificate (AOC GR-046) by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority which is the approval to use various helicopters and airplanes for commercial purposes. It certifies that the operator is allowed to conduct professional air transportation services.

AOC Certification

AOC GR-046

ifly is also a Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization holding the respective certification provided by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.M.O. – EL.CAMO.0018). The organization is authorized to schedule and control continuing airworthiness activities on aircraft and their parts by developing maintenance programs and maintenance planning for the aircraft, technical records administration and storage, flight log management, Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) Assessment and Control. The Continuous airworthiness management of private as well as of commercial aircraft is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (E.A.S.A.).

CAMO Certification


ifly is also an approved maintenance EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) Part 145 organization. Our company has been accredited through this certification to carry out maintenance tasks on specific helicopters and airplanes.

Part 145


The SPO certification allows ifly to execute aerial photography flights, helicopter survey operations, news media coverage flights as well as television and movie flights.

SPO Certification


Flight Operating Base - Athens International Airport (LGAV)

Our operational base is the biggest and most modern Airport in Greece, the International Airport in Athens. The Airport has a separate private business facility, called General Aviation Terminal which is used for all helicopter and private plane arrivals or departures. The Terminal has a dedicated helicopter helipad and houses inside a comfortable passenger business lounge, also a mini bar for snacks and refreshments to purchase.

The commercial terminal is also nearby. Should our passengers arrive on a commercial flight, our handling agent meets them as soon as they get off the plane, get them on fast lane through customs, assist during their luggage collection and drive them to the private terminal to board either a helicopter or a private plane.
If a departure on a commercial flight is scheduled, we drive them to the main terminal and can even assist during check in, provide fast track priority during security control, bring them to a VIP lounge and pick them up again when boarding is about to begin providing fast track during the boarding procedure and escort them to the door of the Aircraft.

This is the maximum level of comfortability and privacy some can enjoy with all the services being provided within the safe environment of the Airport. Regarding a private arrival or departure, very conveniently private jets land and depart from the General Aviation Terminal in Athens. The passengers will be met at the Aircraft door and escorted through the private terminal to the helicopter for departure.

Our operational base is the biggest and most modern Airport in Greece, the International Airport in Athens.
Athens International Airport

Our Technical Maintenance base

In compliance with the highest safety and quality standards, we carry out maintenance tasks for helicopters and airplanes at our Base in Megara.


The focus on everything is to enhance and achieve a safe environment.
Safety first
Ground Safety
The well-functioning safety management for minimizing the risk during embarkation or disembarkation of the Aircraft and safety around helicopters and planes.
Safety first
Air Safety
Instructions for seatbelts, lifejackets, and the desired state under which operations are performed under conditions that can be controlled to the maximum possible and with minimum (tolerable) risk.
Safety first
Flight Safety
Safety is, above all else, the most important factor in aviation, the cornerstone of our organization and paramount in everything we do.


Talented people that take off ifly success
Be part of our team. View open positions at ifly

Ifly’s team consists of 74 experienced professionals, all committed to deliver every single flight with the highest level of professionalism to ensure passenger satisfaction and unique customer service. We have a crew of 28 experienced pilots, 21 maintenance engineers and 25 operations staff in the head-offices. We have a fusion of highly experienced professionals with talented and knowledgeable team members of the next generation of the aviation industry.

“Our team is our family”.



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