Enjoy the sunny city of Larnaca

Larnaca is geographically situated on the southern coast of Cyprus. The city is comprised into two parts namely, an older city center and a chain of hotels and restaurants along the beach, known as the Foinikoudes the coastal boulevard of the Town lined with palm trees. The stunning coastline, the Mediterranean climate and its historic attractions has made Larnaca a very popular destination.

A must visit sight of Larnaca is Sault Lake that is located 5 kilometers away from the city. According to the legend this lake appeared in the result of the actions of Saint Lazarus. He turned a man who refused to give him a bunch of grapes into a lake. On winter this lake becomes home for pink flamingos.

Fans of museum tours should not miss Pieridis Archaeological Museum, one of the most important museums on the island, the life’s work of the Cypriot philanthropist and collector Dimitris Pieridis, and home to veritable treasures from the island covering 9,000 years of history, from the Neolithic Era to the Middle Ages.

Also, the Fortress of Larnaca which has stood beside the sea since the 14th century and evokes memories of the Ottoman period and the years of British rule, when it served as a prison. There is a small museum with exhibits relating to the history of the Fortress.

An iconic landmark in the center of Larnaca is a Byzantine church built in the reign of Leon the Wise in 900 AD. In the crypt lies the tomb of Lazarus, who is said to have served for thirty years as Archbishop of Larnaca, following his miraculous resurrection by Christ.

ifly’s Travel Tip:

Larnaca International Airport is located 4 kilometers southwest of the city center.


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