Visit the romantic city of Paris

Paris, the city of light and love is one of the most heavily touristed cities in the world fascinating visitors with its architecture, and its 6.500 years of history. Impressive attractions stand alongside romance, countless shopping opportunities and restaurants over the whole city.

The most popular monument is undoubtedly the Eiffel Tower, standing 324 meters tall and offering a stunning view of Paris. The Louvre, which is the most visited museum in the world, is the home of art itself. Thousands of antiques, relics and masterpieces among them the Mona Lisa can be seen in this wonderful museum. The Arc de Triomphe, the symbol of Napoleon that reflects the French victories under his rule and is also a must-see while in Paris.

The Place of Versailles, also a World Heritage Site with its breathtaking architecture also cannot be missed.

ifly’s Travel Tip:

Paris has two airports, the Charles De Gaulle, which is about 26 kilometers outside the city center, and the Le Bourget Airport that is located about 10 kilometers from the city, which is mainly used for private flights.


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