Learn about the beautiful town of Tivat

In southwest Montenegro, located within the bay of Kotor lies the coastal town of Tivat. Today Tivat is a modern city and is fast becoming the heart of the coastline’s burgeoning tourism industry.

One of the major attractions of the city is in the central part of Tivat. It is a summer house called Renaissance Buca. The house is surrounded by a beautiful park perfect for everyone who enjoys resting or having a picnic in the shades. The most beautiful modern architectural complex of this place is Sv. Marko (Stradioti). Here were built one hundred modern cottages that are surrounded by rich greenery.

Tivat has become in recent years a luxury destination with a first-class marina for superyachts and is also the point of access for everyone who wants to stay in the stunning AMAN Sveti Stefan Resort.

ifly’s Travel Tip:

Tivat Airport is the main International Airport in Montenegro (along with Podgorica Airport) and is located about 4 kilometers from the city center.


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