Learn about the astonishing Zurich

The second-largest city in Switzerland is beautifully set around lake Zurich and surrounded by the Alps. In Zurich history and art meet the largest banks and the greatest financial institutions.

Its historic center is full of street art and museums. Visitors will have the chance to visit the St. Peter’s Church built in 8th Century, the Kunsthaus which has been active since 1910 and the Swiss National Museum the architecture of which is inspired by a French Castle.

The Beyer Watch and Clock Museum of Zurich reflects the city’s long tradition of watchmaking. This private museum, one of the best of its kind internationally, unfolds the history of clocks from 1400 BC to this day.

It is a city of many sides. Zurich impresses with districts that are full of contrasts. Lots of greenery, an abundance of parks. Art fans love the variety of galleries in Zurich, while the most known shopping street is the Bahnhofstrasse.

ifly’s Travel Tip:

The Airport is about 13 kilometers from the city center.


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