ifly participation at the Greek Parliament

ifly participated at the meeting of the Special Standing Committee of the Regions of the Greek Parliament on the topic: ‘’General Aviation as an alternative form of tourism. Air Tourism’’

Mr. Georgios Verbis, President and CEO of ifly, was among the representatives of airlines and organizations, who participated in the meeting of the Special Standing Committee of the Regions, on Friday 3rd February 2023 in the Greek Parliament, with the agenda topic: “General aviation as alternative form of tourism. Air Tourism”.

The main axes of the meeting discussion, were the preparation of a strategic plan for the development of air tourism, in co-operation with the Hellenic Ministries of Tourism, Infrastructure and National Defense, the creation of a new network of small airports throughout Greece, the reinforcement of CAA staff at the islands’ airports and the extension of opening hours, the legislative changes in the institutional framework of Greek customs and air traffic restrictions, as well as the configuration of a framework to attract investments for the construction of airports and helipads in many island and mainland regions of Greece.

During his speech, Mr. Verbis highlighted the increased need of providing services to facilitate the air transport network. He referred to the importance of developing cooperation between major airports and private aircraft providers, such as ifly, but also of the coordination framework, that should be followed between the network for flexible landing and take-off times of aircrafts. Furthermore, he underlined the problems that exist in the effort to promote the new model of tourism development in the Greek market, while calling for the immediate modernisation of airport provisions, as well as the certification of services and helipads.

In the context of the meeting, it was discussed the excellence of Air Tourism, which is gradually expanding from abroad and in our country, with investments seeming of major importance for tourism and economic domestic development. ifly is a pioneer company of Business Aviation, leading simultaneously “The Cycladic Project” program for aviation in the Cyclades-Dodecanese islands and Crete.

Through the upgrade of general aviation systems, the development of the economy and the sustainability of remote island and other regions is strengthened. Furthermore, the inter-connectivity between the various areas, constitutes, an advantage that helps respectively in social and even national issues, as well as the promotion of “island hopping”. The new trend gives the opportunity to travel to more than one destination in a very short time, within a few days, even hours.

ifly supports the vision of developing air tourism in Greece, with the full support of the Hellenic Civil Aviation, for a future of fast and safe transports in Greek airspace.