"It's not about the destination, it’s about the IFLY Journey"

Are you looking to travel for pleasure or business, explore the world, admire the sights from above and capture the moment? At all events, we make sure to offer a beyond expectations experience, with high quality services.

Having many years of experience in the business of private flights, we have encountered some misconceptions. These 3 myths, will help you discover the competitive advantage of private flights and at the same time, understand the factors that determine charter cost.



The best Island Hopping starts from a port

Do you Want to run over to Mykonos, admire the Santorini sunset and then the bustling streets of Paros? You can visit your favorite destinations with an IFLY aircraft while enjoying absolute comfort. Choose your location, set your ideal departure time and upscale your Island-Hopping experience. Gain more valuable time at your favorite spot without time-consuming airport procedures and delays. Renting an IFLY aircraft, can give you the best Island-Hopping experience.



It is a high-cost option with no price flexibility

By chartering a private aircraft, you enjoy a holistic journey with luxurious and top-notch services from experienced professionals. The charter cost is shaped by a variety of factors, including the type and size of the aircraft you choose. For example, the smaller Bell 206 cost less in comparison to the larger variant, Agusta 109. In addition, destination, duration of the flight, and the season of the year, can also influence the total charter cost. Other criteria taken into consideration are additional fuel charges, landing fees as well as other services during the flight. Therefore, the cost varies according to the above and depending on your desires.



Confined destinations and distance limit.

This is another misconception that is far apart from reality. In fact, with private aircraft, you can “fly” not only to a wide range of destinations, but also via helicopters, you can approach places that are otherwise inaccessible by other type of transportation. Furthermore, helicopters have the flexibility to make more maneuvers, offering panoramic view of your favorite landscape or landmark and the opportunity to take the most breathtaking photographs.

Do you want to explore the world? Τo expand your horizons while enjoying VIP services? Our goal is to “elevate” your travel experience, exceeding all expectations.

Plan your next getaway with the assistance of an IFLY experienced team and select the perfect aircraft from our wide selection of fleet. Find out how the final charter cost is structured.

Travelling with the leading private flight business in Greece signifies that you travel with premium services, safety, and luxury.