Our long-lasting experience in the aviation market enables us to meet your needs related to the ownership and management of your aircraft. Our consulting services aim at establishing on behalf of the owner the most efficient operational plans for the use of the aircraft.

Specifically, when the operation of the aircraft is planned, the emphasis is placed on saving money, on ensuring absolute legal and insurance coverage, on the simplification of the procedures relating to the operation of the aircraft, on the promotion of the aircraft for chartering purposes at the request of the owner and on the establishment of a full, efficient but economical management package for the aircraft or helicopter.

More benefits for the owner of the Aircraft from the management could be the integration into our commercial flight operations through chartering with reduced insurance and fuel costs, hangar parking at our maintenance base, complete technical monitoring as well as flight planning, including the organization of the handling and to obtain the necessary airport permits.


Purchasing an Aircraft regardless if it is a helicopter or a private jet is a complex and difficult process that shouldn’t be done without the help of a team professional. ifly’s aviation team of consultants will assist you in narrowing and shortlisting the Aircrafts that are available in the market for sale depending on the buyers needs and purchase power.

That includes a market analysis of the specific aircraft market environment, preparation of the aircraft presentation and its specifications, the creation of a financial marketing plan, the coordination and supervision of a pre-buy inspection in which a certified ifly mechanic will be present, the inspection of any maintenance records, the negotiation of the sales contract and delivery, the monitoring of an Escrow account agreement and even the initiation of a deregistration or a new registration of the Aircraft.

In terms of selling an aircraft we can rely on our deep market knowledge, our long-standing business partnerships and through them identify, verify and correspond with prospective byers as well as evaluate and negotiate incoming purchase offers.


Despite the ease of use of private aircraft their parking and safe keeping remains always an important issue. If you wish to park your helicopter or airplane in a well-guarded and protected environment all you must do is to visit our Base at the airport of Pachi Megara just a few kilometers outside of Athens. The Maintenance facilities represent an ideal place to park your aircraft, especially regarding security.

The Base which uses a close circuit surveillance system is one of the very few private facilities that have been approved and certified by NATO. This is indicative of the high standards adhered to in the guarding and protection of the space.In addition, our Maintenance facilities have the capacity to provide many more services to you and your aircraft.

More specifically, the company’s staff will always greet you before or after each flight, the aircraft will be externally and internally cleaned, an external power supply will be used for startup, and finally, we will organize the refueling operation of your aircraft.

And of course, if you require more, you can purchase the parking package, a complete proposal which in addition to the above also includes other services such as airworthiness checks, engine washing and the maintenance inspections specified by the manufacturer of your helicopter or airplane.


ifly obtains the Aircraft Operating Certificate (A.O.C. GR-046) by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), under which it may conduct commercial operations, having commercial helicopter and airplane license for various types.

Possessing a private aircraft is certainly not an easy task. On the contrary, its owner must devote significant time and money amounts for the continuous supervision of a range of management needs of the aircraft. These are its maintenance, the operation under existing regulations and the wider legal framework, the aircraft and passengers’ safety, as well as maintaining and supervising reliable crews.

Due to our A.O.C. (GR-046) certification, experience, know-how and infrastructures acquired over the years we can fully undertake the burden of your aircraft’s management. For a fixed monthly fee, we will carry out all management operations needed so that you can enjoy your aircraft, and at the same time, we will ensure a low cost of use through the discounts you will get on such items as fuel, maintenance and ground services.

More specifically the management service includes:
• Aircraft parking, guarding and cleaning.
• Systematic aircraft inspection and scheduled maintenance.
• Operations management such as fuel supply, etc.
• Flying procedures.
• All other administrative procedures.

If you wish to make commercial use of your aircraft, ifly can also help you with third party charters through its management services thus bringing in revenues which will in turn further reduce the expenses of your aircraft, also providing extra services, such as the use of another aircraft, which immunizes the fact that you will always have an aircraft available for your transfer requirements.


Our technical expertise, our in-depth knowledge of the aviation market and our drive to find solutions, leads us also to provide through our own Warehouse genuine spare parts from various manufacturers. Spare parts management plays a fundamental role in aviation, considering the effect it has on keeping the Aircraft fully operational, so the procurement process is a very important process to ensure the proper availability of spare parts at the very right time and the place where the part is required.

Due to our widespread industry network and our efficient logistics, we will be able to source and procure items from consumables to standard parts at the shortest possible dispatch time and at competitive prices. Our aim at ifly is to support our customers in a reliable and competent way to their outmost satisfaction. For any current spare part requirement, you may have please get in contact with us.