George Verbis Statements at Ioannina

On January 15, Mr. Giorgos Verbis, CEO of Ifly, visited Ioannina where he met with , Mr. Thomas Begas,  the mayor of Ioannina, Maximos the Metropolitan Bishop of Ioannina, and with Mr. Konstantinos Tassoulas, the President of the Hellenic Parliament, in order to discuss the development potential of the Prefecture. Tourism and culture were in the spotlight of the discussion, and specifically seaplane flights which are expected to start within 2024 and are going to give a significant boost to all areas of activity in the region, as a new flying medium creates new perspectives, new jobs, and new dynamic prospect in the aviation field.

 Mr. Verbis, particularly, stated that Hellenic Seaplanes, a strategic partner of ifly, has launched their seaplane and the first flights between Corfu, Paxos and Ioannina are expected to take place in the first half of 2024. The first passenger seaplane of Hellenic Seaplanes, a C-208 caravan manufactured by CESSNA is already at Ifly’s support base in Megara, while the certification process of Pamvotida Lake, where the first lake watercourse will be located, is underway.

During his visit, Mr. Verbis also visited his hometown, Paramythia in the Municipality of Souli with members of the World Hellenic Interparliamentary Association (PAD.E. E-WHIA), where discussions started with local authorities about initiatives and actions that could be undertaken by PAD.E.Ε, for the promotion of tourism as well as for the development perspectives of the region.

PAD.E.E.- WHIA a global organization under the auspices of the Hellenic Parliament, represents all those of Greek origin elected in the parliaments of non-Greek-speaking countries. Today it has reached approximately 170 members elected to legislative bodies and parliaments in 24 countries worldwide.

Present were members of Parliament and Senators from the National Parliaments of the USA, Canada, Australia, and Albania.