Get to know the ancient masterpiece theatre of Epidaurus

Probably the most beautiful and best preserved of its kind, the theater of Epidaurus was built in the 4th century BC. Located on the fertile plain of Argolida, in the eastern part of Peloponnese and about 90 kilometers away from Athens, the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus was an important sacred healing center during ancient times. Asklepios, was believed to possess healing powers that he learned from his father, Apollo. 

Therefore, the area attracted people from all over Greece who came to be treated by the resident priests. And with time, and as the center developed, prosperity increased, which the priests used to build an impressive complex of facilities, including temples, baths, athletic venues, and the theater. 

Today the sanctuary is an extended archeological site with interesting buildings and listed among UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The theatre is surrounded by lush greenery, an integral part of the theatre itself. 

Due to its incomparable acoustics, the actors can be perfectly heard by all 15,000 spectators, as you can even hear the sound of a pin dropping. At first, it was believed that the structure’s location was the cause – it was built on the slope of Mount Kynortio at an incline of 26 degrees. But researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered that while this is partially true, the real reason are the seats themselves. 

The steps act as ‘acoustic traps,’ filtering any background noise while creating a phenomenon called ‘virtual pitch,’ which allows for a higher clarity of sound, making it easier for spectators in the back row to hear what’s happening on stage.

 Within the archeological site the Museum of Epidaurus can be visited. Today it hosts a lavish collection of findings that came to light during the excavations of the Sanctuary of Asclepius. Among the exhibits displayed are large reconstructions of temples and architectural components, building inscriptions and hymns related to the sanctuary of Asclepius, Greek and Roman votive sculptures, ceramics, pottery and many small finds. 

ifly’s Travel Tip:

Depending on which of our helicopters is chartered, Epidaurus is a 25 to 35 minutes flight from Athens. From Amanzoe the flight time is less between 15 and 20 minutes. With one of our VIP limousines, the distance from Athens is about 1 and half hours.


Premium flight to Epidaurus. Get a quote.
Premium flight to Epidaurus. Get a quote.
Premium flight to Epidaurus. Get a quote.
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