Learn about Mykonos: “The island of the winds”

Mykonos is not only the most popular destination in Greece but also one of the most famous islands in the Mediterranean. It’s wide known for its cosmopolitan party atmosphere and wild night life among the wealthy and many celebrities. Most of the tourist crowd tend to be young people looking for a good time. Apart from that it has a minimal Cycladic architecture, beautiful landscapes, small white painted houses in picturesque villages, lots of high-quality accommodation properties and countless golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

Learn about Mykonos: “The island of the winds”

The local Airport is one of the busiest in Greece, the flight time with the helicopter lasts from 35 to 45 minutes. We can also land at some helipads on the island.


Premium flight to Mykonos. Get a quote.
Premium flight to Mykonos. Get a quote.
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