Visit the charming island of Paros.

In the unique Cyclades island chain, Paros is a modern ‘’paradise’’ of attractive beaches, with white pebbles and turquoise waters, delicious food, hospitable residents, intense nightlife but also unique oases of tranquility in its traditional mountain villages. The charm of Paros remains unchanged over time, while the island is characterized by its labyrinthine, cobbled alleys and the clearings with violet Bougainvilleas, combined with the ancient monuments and the imposing churches. Visitors from Greece and all over the world mob the island, choosing it mainly during the summer and Easter season, with common meeting point the most elegant port of the Aegean Sea, Naoussa.

ifly’s Travel Tip:

Paros National Airport which located in the Southwest part of the island, is easily connected to the two most famous and crowded areas of the island, Parikia (the capital and the main port of Paros Island) and Naoussa. However, The flight duration by helicopter from Athens International Airport lasts from 35 to 40 minutes.


Premium flight to Paros. Get a quote.
Premium flight to Paros. Get a quote.
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