It is recommended that passengers arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure, especially if the charter itinerary is time critical. Passengers will meet our helicopters following the instructions of our ground crew and pilot.

Booking and flight procedures are simplified with ifly


Athens International Airport | GENERAL AVIATION - GATE 12 |

If your departure takes place at the Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) and you arrive by car, follow the directions as shown on the two maps. (Click to enlarge). Our fleet operates from Athens International Airport, General Aviation Area, Gate 12.

Booking and flight procedures are simplified with ifly


National & International Airports | GOLDAIR-HANDLING |

In case the passengers arrive at any airport and have booked a flight with us, our partner handling agent Goldair-Handling would meet them either at the baggage convey holding a sign with their name or if they arrive with a private plane outside of the plane and escort them to the helicopter for departure. Almost the same procedure is being followed on a return flight. They will be waiting for the passengers outside the helicopter to escort them either to the main terminal so as to check in for a connecting flight or to a private plane.

Booking and flight procedures are simplified with ifly



In case passengers aboard from heliports or landing areas outside airports and if no competent authority is present, the person responsible for the performance of safety controls of the passengers and their luggage is the pilot.

Booking and flight procedures are simplified with ifly


Prior to embarkation, the pilot shall perform identification checks based on the travel documents of the passengers as well as luggage checks either by hand or by any available electronic means. If a passenger refuses the above security control, he/she shall not embark the aircraft. The pilot may refuse to take aboard a passenger or luggage if he reasonably thinks that the safety of the Flight is at risk. In case the Flight or any part thereof is cancelled due to any of the reasons prescribed in the provisions of the present article, the Air Carrier may withhold the Fare or, if the Fare has not been paid, demand its payment. All luggage shall be placed in the luggage compartment unless the pilot permits otherwise.

Booking and flight procedures are simplified with ifly