Learn about the seaside town of Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the most popular destinations for private flights. Upmarket marinas, high luxury Resorts and Villas, fabulous shops, sandy beaches, and historic sites attracts many visitors every year.

The Bodrum underwater Archeology Museum sheds light on the newly discovered archeological remains from the bottom of the ancient Aegean Sea. The museum is an essential stop for the lovers of history, as it houses a variety of interesting remains from shipwrecks to ancient coins.

The Bodrum Castle which has been used in the course of history by many civilizations offers a stunning view of the Bodrum sea.

A must see while in Bodrum is the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. The monument was the tomb of Mausolus, ruler of Caria, in southwestern Asia Minor. It was built in his capital city, Halicarnassus, between about 353 and 351 BCE.

ifly’s Travel Tip:

Milas Bodrum Airport is located about 35 kilometers northeast of the city center.


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